Saturday, 22 August 2015

Homemade Baileys Chocolates

I've always love the liquor filled chocolates sold especially during the Christmas seasons. Decadent and pleasantly intoxicating, they're a real treat and delight to enjoy.

I was surprised to find out that they are actually quite easy to make at home. And as long as you use a good quality chocolate, they are just as good as the ones sold. 

Now, these would make excellent gifts for special occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc., don't you think?

Homemade Baileys Chocolates
(makes about 18)

130g dark chocolate (try to use good quality chocolates, it makes all the difference!)
40 ml fresh cream
3 Tbsp Baileys Irish cream


1) Melt 50g of the chocolates in a bain marie (by placing the chocolates in a heatproof bowl over a pot of boiling water) or using a microwave.

2) Using a silicone brush (or the back of a small teaspoon), spread a thin layer of chocolate on to your silicone mould.

3) Leave the mould in the fridge for about 5 mins until the chocolates have solidified.

4) Remove from fridge and apply another layer of chocolate onto the mould. Make sure the mould is well covered with chocolate. Return to the fridge for another 5 mins.

5) Meanwhile, prepare the ganache by melting 40g chocolate over a Bain-Marie. Remove from heat and add in the cream and stir to mix well. Next, add in the Bailey's and mix until smooth and well blended.

6) Remove the mould from fridge and fill with the ganache until about 3/4 full. Return to the fridge for about 30 mins.

7) Melt another 40g chocolate over bain-marie and leave to cool down slightly. 

8) Remove mould from fridge and fill with melted chocolates (make sure it's cool down enough) to cover the ganache completely. Return to fridge for chocolates to harden, about 10 minutes.

9) Remove chocolates from the mould. Enjoy!  (I know you can hardly wait to try one now!)

Oozing with chocolate liqueur!

Going to try making Kahlua chocolates next!

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